Whose life counts as life?Whose life is still a life? Democratic societies are based on the segregation, digital control and exploitation of existences considered superfluous. Every day we are witness of the brutal denial of the status of living entities to successive groups of beings. STILL LIFE is a choral manifesto of re-invented society, a call for a radical new world of relation. The chorus creates a border-crossing song to expose the invisible mechanisms of violence, exclusion and annihilation of life, turning “never again” into “Auschwitz kein Ende”. The chorus operates with techniques of exaggeration, alienation of language, it exists between lip-sync, language, music and silence. Clashing narrations it creates a digital, post-language, post-human song. In the end multiple Dionizos, god of ecstasy and undistractible invite you to a vision of a chorus of all living beings: humans and non-humans, living and dead, voices of people murdered in Auschwitz, rhythms of Namibian tribes, animals and all others…The starting point and metaphor for the performance is the magnificent panorama from the Museum of Naturkunde Berlin, the wall of biodiversity. Life and non-life in the same time.

More info about performances at Piccolo Teatro di Milano you can find here

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