THE CHORUS OF WOMAN FOUNDATION originates from a theatre project of Marta Górnicka carried out in the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw since 2009. The CHORUS OF WOMEN was to regain women for theatre and bring THE CHORUS back to theatre, create a new language for it and a new form of stage presence. The work was guided by the idea of creating a post-modern choir theatre – an aesthetic, formal and ideological concept of theatre combining the power of collective body/voice, of source relevance for the Western stage, with contemporary criticism of language as an instrument of power.

THE CHORUS OF WOMAN FOUNDATION was established in 2015 in Warsaw. The Foundation popularizes and promotes new forms of theatre, transcending traditional divisions within the arts. It supports artistic undertakings of political and social dimension, aimed at abolishing oppression and making it possible to negotiate values and models that societies are founded upon. Its aim is also to support the establishment of an open, diverse, non-excluding community through active inclusion of the society into culture.

Foundation Programme Council:
Anna Galas-Kosil – Chairwoman
Agata Adamiecka
Ewa Chomicka
Joanna Krakowska

Łukasz Jaskuła


The Chorus of Woman Foundation
Al. Solidarności 92/47
01-016 Warszawa