PREMIERE: STILL LIFE in Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, 31 July

STILL LIFE is a call for re-invented society. The chorus poses the question of how we can sustain and rebuild connections in an era of mass epidemic, mass digitalization and mass extinction. Crossing all boundaries, the chorus creates a song to reveal the pervasive mechanisms of exclusion and violence that have culminated in recurring genocides, turning »never again« into »Auschwitz no end«. Digital/ ritual song is combined with an ecstatic hymne of infinitive life, aiming to rebuild the common world through a chorus of all beings: humans and non-humans, the living and the dead, voices of people who died in holocausts, animal, and plants.

The central force is the god of undivided life, of pre- and post-human time: a multiplied Dionysus.

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