The Bertolt Brecht Visiting Professorship is awarded to outstanding artists from the fields of theatre, dance, performance and media art. The guest professors enrich teaching and research at The Theatre Institute with their international artistic expertise and their special working methods.


The Bertolt Brecht Visiting Professorship was established in 2017 at the Center of Competence for Theater (CCT) and the Institute of Theatre Science in cooperation with the city of Leipzig. The appointed artists communicate current theater and culture-related issues to the public of the city of Leipzig. The Bertolt Brecht guest professorship thus sustainably strengthens the exchange between theory and practice, science and the arts at The Institute and in the city of Leipzig.

CEREMONIAL RECEPTION OF BERTOLT BRECHT GUEST PROFESSOR MARTA GÓRNICKA SUMMER SEMESTER 2022 Marta Górnicka is one of the most distinguished directors of contemporary theater work with choirs, far beyond her country of origin Poland. In order to deepen her practical exploration of the possibilities of the choir, Górnicka founded the POLITICAL VOICE INSTITUTE at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin in autumn 2019. Her special combination of political commitment and artistic work is inspired by Brecht in that she is also able to make the conflicting voices in social conflicts heard. On the occasion of her appointment as a guest professor, a joint reception by the University and the City of Leipzig will take place on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. in the ballroom of the Old Town Hall, Markt 1, 04109 Leipzig. In addition to the words of welcome from the city and University, a laudation for the visiting professor by prof. Patrick Primavesi and an inaugural speech by Marta Górnicka, you will gain insights into her work with excerpts from video recordings of some productions. Further information on Marta Górnicka and the Bertolt Brecht Visiting Professorship of the City of Leipzig at the Center of Competence for Theater and the Institute for Theater Studies at the University of Leipzig can be found at read more.


My theatre is about reacting to the political situation with a special sort of VOICE, a special sort of language and drama, a montage of contradictions and contrasts which is vivid, sharp, penetrating through bones all the way to the spine. It is about forcing the viewer to face reality, to see it – as Brecht would want – for what it is. And even further: to see it at a monstrous concentration, and ideally to make reality impossible.
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