MAGNIFICAT| Festiwal PARALLELE, FRANCE: 14.01. Le Merlan scene nationale a Marseille, 15.01. Théâtre des Salins, scène nationale de Martigues, 16.01. Bois de l’Aune

MAGNIFICAT and  THE CHORUS OF WOMEN at Parallele Festival

As a coryphaeus of modern times, Marta Górnicka directs twenty-five women in a surprising score. A Magnificat whose libretto is in tune with both the Bible and the Bacchantes, the feminist texts by Elfriede Jelinek and the most sexist advertising slogans. Because the singing orchestrated by the young stage director is more about disagreement than praise. Whispered or chanted, collective or personal, the lyrics rising from the stage portrays a Polish woman restricted to her role of spouse and mother. A situation that questions our ability to stand up to ideological blinkers. That’s the real feat of Marta Górnicka: restore the classical chorus, its beauty and critical function as part of contemporary theatre.

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