Hinrike Gronewold
Great Discovery: Marta Górnicka’s Choruses Mesmerise at the Foreign Affairs
Weltexpress International, www.weltexpress.info, 17.07.2014

(…) The irony of the performance is stunning. The women look at the audience with a determined, challenging gaze. The neither complain nor wail. They debunk the myths they are supposed to follow as a model the unattainable ideal of the Holy Virgin, the self-sacrificing house- wife – as laughable fantasies. Marta Górnicka divides tasks, directs stage movement, forms words with her hands, and acts with the women from her post. Despite her distance from the stage she participates in a chorus which knows no hierarchy and whose members appear as irreplaceable individuals. The chorus is a community which does not erase individual features but, reinforces them. Marta Górnicka links the idea of discovering the chorus anew on stage with the intention of giving the voice back to those who can rarely speak up. “Magnificat” is Górnicka’s second performance featuring women, applauded and awarded at many international festivals. The Berlin audience, too, gave it a standing ovation.

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